A Woman of All Seasons

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Woman of All Seasons

The quiet avenging sister, the sultry siren of the South Indian films, a pregnant woman in search of her husband and a outlandish house-wife Vidya Balan has played and turned around quite a few stereotypes. She speaks to Manju Ramanan on how Hindi cinema is in its most exciting phase

Neetu’s role in Ghanchakkar is another stereotype you have busted?

Yes, she is a very interesting stereotype. She is not the central character of the film, you know but she is someone you cannot ignore. I am glad Hindi cinema has evolved to a stage where the script talks about characters like mine who might not play the central role but a significant role in the movie. I am happy to have played Neetu’s role in the film. She is her own person and is unapologetic about it.

Do you see Hindi cinema redefine its roles for women?

For a female actor it has never been better. In the 100th year of Indian cinema it is very reassuring for me to see that there are roles written clearly with the woman protagonist in mind. Also male actors are supporting it.

Why do you say that ?

It was extremely heartening to see an actor like Emraan Hashmi agree to do a role in The Dirty Picture. It wasn’t a central role but he agreed to do it despite the fact that he is a big actor and wasn’t playing the main protagonist. His saying yes, opens up so many avenues. I still think he is an aberration though – a happy aberration.