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Amitabh Bachchan’s email interview with Filmfare Middle East was done before the release of Bbudah Hoga Tera Baap. Excerpts

Words : Manju Ramanan

How is Mr Amitabh Bachchan as a nana to his grand children? Is he indulgent, strict or lenient? Does he share his passion for literature and cinema with them? How?

Thank you ! As Nana to my daughters children I am indulgent and lenient. Yes I will and shall share cinema and literature in equal measure with them, as they grow older. Though I must say that my grand daughter is at 14 a very accomplished writer and poet !
Your role in Pa struck a chord with children (many of whom didn’t grow up watching your earlier films).

I do not work in films with the kind of intent that you would like to attribute to me. I like the idea of working in film. Period. Getting different roles to play and one that provide challenge are a boon for any artist. I am no different.

The popular Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz told us that Indian cinema is equal to Amitabh Bachchan and there are many such examples. In the face of so much fame you manage to stay humble. Does the fact that you have a rich repertoire of poetry and philosophy help?

I am most humbled by the contention of Mr Ahmed Ezz, but I must regretfully inform him that he is, with due respect, entirely wrong ! His equations are incorrect ! I do not know if I possess a rich repertoire of poetry and philosophy – elements that allow me to live in the reflected glory of my illustrious Father, but I have a more basic concern. Does the possession of a rich repertoire of poetry and philosophy, really make one humble ?? Hmmm !!

How was the experience in singing Haale Din  – in your film Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap?

‘Haal e Dil’ is a beautiful composition that just happened suddenly and very rapidly. Shekhar of the Vishal@Shekhar duo at an informal meet, just started fiddling with some notes on the key board, and there it was. The singing is a nightmare for me. I am not a singer, but sometimes music directors thrust a mike in front of my face and then there is no turning back or escaping.
You blog regularly and are active on twitter. How many hours do you spend on each? How do you choose the questions you want to answer on these platforms?

I spend sufficient and convenient time on the blog and twitter and vogging – my voice blog ! Answers to questions are randomly picked.

Which are the films that ABCL will be creating in the near future? Do you plan to redefine Indian cinema by choosing scripts that haven’t been yet made by the Indian film industry?

No, nothing quite so marked. If the story appeals to us and the maker and the budget is right we go ahead. In the future too we hope to be making films which shall adhere to such conditions.

Which are the lines from your father’s sea of poems that come to your mind when you are with yourself?

“Jeevan ki apadhapi mein
kab waqt mila kuch der kahin par baith kabhi yeh soach sakoon,
ki jo kiya kaha mana usme kya bura bhala” ….


Filmfare Middle East Readers have a few questions
Which are the recent films that you have enjoyed watching and why?

Dabangg, Tanu weds Manu, Band baja Baraat, Do dooni .. all very well made, entertaining and a delight to watch !

When are you doing a film that has your entire family in the star cast?

I have no idea ! Whenver there is something that shall come up, I guess.

Do you cook? What can you whip up?

No I do not cook. I can boil water !

What is your favourite dish and why?

I am a vegetarian and I like Indian vegetarian food …

What is your favourite place in Dubai?

By the sea .. it is so pure and clean and calm and blue ..

Considering you are such a prolific writer on twitter and the blog, when will we get to read your own memoirs and poems?

Never. I do not consider my memoirs to be of any worth, and I do not write poetry, my Father did.

How do you unwind?

By answering media questions on email !