Anger Pangs

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Anurag Kashyap hasn’t lost touch with his angst but tells Raghuvendra Singh that it’s no longer for public platforms


Anurag Kashyap has undergone a personality overhaul. The critically acclaimed filmmaker has decided to keep a distance from the media and social media platforms like Twitter. He doesn’t enjoy being under the spotlight. He claims, “My life was happier and calmer, when the media wasn’t part of it. My business team though gives it importance. I’d be happy if people are only interested in my work. I don’t see foreign filmmakers talking as much about their films. There’s so much media presence in India that it’s become a nightmare. You are hard selling everything. The worst is when you start dishing out your private life too.” He adds, “People are interested in many things. That doesn’t  mean you give it to them. People are interested in Kim Kardashian too, but they can’t have her. Right?”

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He chooses not to be as outspoken as before. “I’m trying to find peace. I’ve stopped trying to change the world. It’s pointless. Now I’ve turned selfish. Now I want to make my movies, I want to look after this production company called Phantom and keep discovering new movies. AKFPL (Anurag Kashyap Film Productions Ltd) has shut down. I don’t want to fight with anyone.” He’s become vigilant on Twitter. “I’m back on Twitter but I won’t pick fights with anyone. I don’t feel the need to reply to every question. I’ve realised that I was just banging my head against a wall. I paid a high price for that. I lost my sanity. I don’t want to allow the world to do that to me again.”