Badlapur’s ‘A’ certificate

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Sriram Raghavan’s upcoming thriller handed an ‘A’ certificate by the censors.

The Central Board of Film Certification, which has stirred up many controversies of late with its decisions, has given an ‘A’ certificate to Varun Dhawan’s revenge drama Badlapur.

Apparently the censors wanted the makers to tone down the steamy scenes between Varun and his on-screen wife Yami Gautam. Also a passionate kiss between Huma Qureshi, a prostitute, and Varun’s character. The members also wanted Sriram to delete a scene in which Varun is seen hammering a man to death and another scene that has Varun strangling Nawazuddin’s character with a rope whose eyes bulge out as he bleeds profusely. All these scenes have now been retained.