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EMRAAN HASHMI SHARES AN EMOTIONAL CONVERSATION WITH RAGHUVENDRA SINGH ABOUT THE KISS OF LIFE, THE BOOK HE AUTHORED ON SON AYAAN’S FIGHT WITH CANCER There is a quiet determination in his eyes. His smile is warm despite all the challenges he’s faced in the past few years. Emraan Hashmi beams when I tell him The…

Preity Good

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UNPRETENTIOUS, UNAFFECTED AND UNADULTERATED… JITESH PILLAI TRIES TO CAPTURE PREITY ZINTA’S ALL PERVASIVE EFFERVESCENCE IN A PERSONAL PIECE So there she was with a fake pregnant belly strapped on to her. Yakking away 19 to the 1900 in the vanity van parked at the SNDT college grounds. Shooting for her debut Kya Kehna. Meet Preity…