Dozakh – In search of Heaven

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Film Title                                  Dozakh in Search of Heaven (U)

Laungage                                 Hindi

Duration                                   1 Hour 32 Mins

Director                                   Zaigham Imam

Producer                                 Zaigham Imam

Creative producer                   Aditya Om

Cinematographer                   Mailesan Rangaswamy

Editor                                     Prakash Jha

Music                                     Aman Pant

Cast                                       Lalit Mohan Tiwari, Nazim Khan, Pawan Tiwari, Garric Chaudhury, Ruby Saini,                                                 Irfaan rizvi, Jugendra Singh, Khushboo Seth  




1.    Indian international film festival of Queensland, Australia 2014 (Special Jury Award)
2.    19th Kolkata film festival is the first film festival, 2013 (Official selection)
3.    2nd Delhi international film festival,2013 (Official selection)
4.    12th Third eye Asian film festival, Mumbai,  2014(Official selection)
5.    6th Bangalore international film festival, 2013 (Competition section)
6.    2nd Kolhapur international film festival, 2013(Official selection)
7.    6th Hidden gems film festival, 2014 AB Canada (Official selection)
8.    Nominated for Gollapudi srinivas national award 2013, Chennai
9.    9th Habitat film festival, India Habitat centre 2014, New Delhi (Official Selection)

10. 3rd Ladakh International film festival, 2014 (Indian Selection)

 11. Nominated for 22nd Arvindan Puraskaram, Kerla chalchithra board, Trivandrum, 2013

 12. 15th Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2015, Mumbai  (Official Selection)

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A beauty whose potent theme will leaven audience spell bound”-DECCAN HERALD

This film reinforces the influence that cinema can have on the thought process of the society”-DNA

Explores religious ideologies through a father-son relationship”-THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS

Painting the emotional and social landscape in subtle shades of grey”-THE HINDU

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Set in a small town near Varanasi, this film is all about an orthodox Islamic Cleric and his relationship to his twelve year old son ‘Janu’.

The film starts with a clash between the offering of the routine morning prayers of the Muslim cleric and his neighboring Hindu priest. The Muslim cleric is vexed with the Hindu priest but is more bothered about his son who is a good friend of his rival- the Hindu Priest and pays regular visit to the temple. He has scolded and punished Janu several times and elucidated him that he may be cursed to hell if he continues this. The cleric loses his temper when he comes to know that his son has participated in the annual Hindu mythological play Ramleela and played the role of the Hindu God- Hanuman. He gets upset, punishes his son and explains him the difference between the two religions.

At the end of the story petrified with an incident, Janu absconds from his home. His father seeks him everywhere and during his painful search for his lost son, realizes that he is first a father to his son before being a cleric. Now he is anxious to meet him but will he be able to find him ever ??



Director’s Biography


Born 1982 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Zaigham Imam is a well known Hindi novelist and has written two novels- DOZAKH and MAIN MUHABBAT. His novel DOZAKH was critically acclaimed and received several awards. Zaigham, has also spent  8 years as a media professional and worked for popular Hindi news papers and news channels like AAJ TAK . After his stint with media, he started writing fiction and also directing for the leading Hindi general entertainment channels. DOZAKH- In search of Heaven is his debut film.