‘Dum Lagake Haisha should have a sequel’

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Says Ayushmann Khurrana to Manju Ramanan. The film releases April 23rd in the UAE

If the roles were reversed and you play an overweight man whose wife is indifferent to him, how would you react?

Hey, that seems to be an idea for a sequel to this film. It will be interesting to play a role like that. This film is locked in time and the mileu is the 90s where people had such notions.  Yes, I think the sequel should have a role reversal and make my character more likeable! ( Laughs)

Your character in DLHS has a clash between fantasy and reality?

Yes he does. He likes Juhi Chawla and is fond of the beautiful heroines of the 90s’s era but doesn’t find his wife pretty . He is not a likeable character at all. He is not happy with his marriage since his wife is not thin. He thinks it is a crook marriage that he has been tricked into. It starts at being a negative role but as friendship blossoms, he changes.

So is your character super talented?

No, not at all. He is a man not sure about himself. He is without aspirations. He is a loser and he is looking to marry a woman who is physically beautiful. Quite like men his generation and given his mileu. Character and compatibility doesn’t matter to him, looks do.

Tell us about his growth?

This is the toughest character I have ever played. He goes through an entire gamut of changes. The film’s language is authentic and set in Haridwar that is stuck in a time warp. If you analyse his mind, he is pretty believable and has these sudden bursts of frustration. You see a change in the character post interval.