Ekta, Ramu’s on a sticky wicket

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Owing to budget issues, the duo has done away with their anthology of erotic stories.

The announcement of XES, Ram Gopal Varma’s collaboration with Ekta Kapoor, was some rare good news for the filmmaker who has been on a sticky wicket for quite a long time time.

First, Ramu invited the ire of the common man with his controversial tweets on Lord Ganesha; then he made news with his huge debts, and last month he got a legal notice from Boney Kapoor for changing the name of his upcoming Telugu film, Savitri to Sridevi.

The filmmaker, whose last successful Bollywood outing was the 2008 release Sarkar Raj, was in dire straits. And when Ekta signed him to direct a film for her banner, it was like a silver lining in the dark clouds.

The Ekta-Ramu collaboration was supposed to be a collection of seven erotic stories, dealing with issues like adultery, premarital intimacy, lust and betrayal. But reports suggest that XES is not happening. Reason: Ekta and Ramu had differences over the film’s budget.

“The decision to can XES was taken amicably. They will collaborate on another project soon. Ramu has now been asked to write a thriller for Ekta. But XES is out of their radar,” says a source close to the production house.

The director had been working on the seven story film for a long time, but was unable to find a producer or a studio to back it. He had met Ekta during a promotional event of Ek Villain and narrated the concept to her. Ekta had agreed rather soon.

Ramu has now returned to Hyderabad. “He is back to the drawing board. He has discussed the idea of a thriller with Ekta but the fate of that film too will depend on whether he can intrigue her again,” the source added.