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Uday Chopra on his family…

Uday Chopra

It’s never easy dealing with the death of a parent. How did you overcome the grief?

I still haven’t dealt with it. For me, he’s still around. My dad was my best friend. I was closer to him than I’m to my brother. We’d talk everyday about anything under the sun. Also, he went away so suddenly. When he was in the hospital, I was shooting for Dhoom 3 in Chicago and I had a dream where my dad asked me to come and see him. He passed away a day after I landed. The pain eases out. But it never goes away completely. Both my brother and my mother (Pam Chopra) dealt with it better.

You recently called your brother and sister-in-law, Rani Mukerji, Lord and Lady Voldemort…

See, Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter is the one who cannot be named and my brother is the one who cannot be seen. The reference was all in good fun.