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Time was when every Govinda film was a must watch. His name on the credits spelt entertainment. His impeccable comic timing made you laugh till tears ran out. His body and features looked to the rhythm when he danced. His loud clothes, his less than perfect form – you forgot all that and sat glued to your seat. He was a mass entertainer like no other. But all this was back in the ’90s. Thankfully, he’s still got the moves and his comic timing is still as good – as seen in Shaad Ali’s Kill/Dil and Raj and DK’s Happy Ending.

The man can still act but his audience has moved on. But Govinda insists he’s far from being a has-been. He says he’s a better actor, a better person now than in his heyday.

“I feel like a strapping 21-year-old now. I used to be emotional back then. But now I am full of optimism and zest. I have conquered my ever surging anger. Wearing a rudraksha mala around my wrist has helped. Now I am completely in control.”

He’s happy that after a long hibernation, he has been able to have two back-to-back releases. Gone are the days when filmmakers used to queue up outside his house to sign him up. The lack of an entourage doesn’t bother him. “The changing times have changed peoples’ dealings with me. But those who know my true worth still believe in me.”

He’s buoyed by the reports that the masses loved him in his latest outings. “The year 2014 was lucky for me. It marked my return after four years. At 21, I hit the silver screen with a bang. I did not look back for the next 14 years. Then followed my political stint as a MP. Now here I am, back in my real field, where I truly belong.”