“I am in no hurry,” says Yami Gautam

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What made Yami sign her next Hindi film after so long ? She tells Manju Ramanan about her pickiness.

You took your own time to choose your 2nd Hindi film?

Yes I did. After the success of Vicky Donor, I got several offers but as a person I need to be convinced as an actor about something I want to do. While I have worked in South Indian films, my next Hindi film had to be thought out well. Aamir Khan for that matter picks and chooses his films and has a niche for himself. I guess it is totally about perspective.

Tell us about your role in Total Siyappa once titled Aman ki Asha ?

I play a Hindu Punjabi NRI girl and Ali Zafar plays this Pakistani Muslim boy opposite me. It is very tough to accept their love but yes the director has treated the topic really well. I am so looking forward to this film since it is a Neeraj Pandey film and I am a big fan of his kind of cinema. It is going to be shot in London

Who are your favourite designers and what are the colours and silhouettes you are partial to?
I really like Roberto Cavalli. I like the way he makes his clothes. They are very glamourous and you do not need to accessorise much. I am a big fan of solid colours and love black and beige.I believe in experimenting. I also love Tarun Tahiliani’s designs.

Who do you look up to as the best dressed celebrity?

Deepika Padukone is my favourite. She styles herself really well.

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Do you see Hindi cinema chart out more roles for women these days?

I don’t think it would be right to say that Hindi cinema has meatier roles for women these days. It would be sexist to say so.We have seen strong women oriented roles right from the times of Nargisji when she did Mother India or when Madhubalaji did Mughal e Azam or Hemaji did Seeta aur Geeta. There was a lull period in the middle and then we have the hugely talented Vidya Balan. I really look upto her. In a recent interview she said that success is when people accept you for what you are. I am happy that a lot of experimentation is going on. Roles are chalked out for women actors. As long as it is in sync with the story and the script it is perfect. Look at Kahaani, what a beautiful film it was!

You are learning kathak – how has it helped you enhance your dancing skills?

Honestly even if wasn’t an actress I would have still learnt kathak. Basically my parents have always encouraged me to go ahead and do something without bothering about the results. When I get time I make it a point to practice my kathak. It helps me, be it either way – as art or as exercise.

How do you look forward to your second Hindi film?

It is very important to me ( laughs). I won’t lie. There is no pressure but there is a responsibility after people have loved you so much in your debut film. I have been lucky that there hasn’t been one person who has ever told me that they didn’t like a particular aspect of my role in Vicky Donor. I was stunned by such a reaction and I feel blessed and humbled all the more. We all want to be loved for the work we do though realistically speaking it is not possible to be consistent with success in all that you do.

What is the difference working in Mumbai as compared to the South Indian film industry?

Apart from language , everything else is the same. Professionalism is at par, so are the creativity levels. I am very happy at the kind of films I have been doing in the South and being appreciated by the talents there as well. It is good to garner pan Indian admiration.

How do you manage the tongue twisters?

When I started out, I used to learn the lines by heart. But the teams out there who assist you are so good that they try and ease things for you. All the South Indian languages are tough to learn. I have had 5 releases totally between Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, so it was interesting

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