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Bipasha Basu tells Manju Ramanan why wants to promote the horror genre

 Do you think you can scare people?

Yes, I want to be Hindi cinema’s original scream queen. I love horror cinema and the way Vikram Bhatt makes it. He has added a touch of class and panache to the genre. His way of story- telling is unique because it has a good dose of glamour, sex, human emotions and a good story apart from awarding a fresher perspective to scare, spook and fear.

 Does atmosphere, sound effects or spooky faces contribute to horror?

My laughter has been used in the promo of the film. I am scared of that voice. I have started laughing softly now. I am a gregarious girl and I like to laugh out loud usually. But after dubbing for Raaz 3 and then watching the promos regularly, I have changed the way I laugh. I laugh softly these days. ( Laughs…. softly)

So, would you promote horror as a mainstream genre in Hindi cinema?

I love horror cinema and want to promote this genre.  In Raaz 3 I play an actress who uses black magic on another actress because she cannot see her success. Also the love of her life falls for her rival that makes her so insecure that she unleashes evil on the other actress. It is time we take the horror genre seriously.  My next horror film was Aatma and then I am doing Creature.

 What about vampire films?

We should be making vampire films and I will gladly be the vampire.. ( Laughs)

 Who’ll be your vampire co-stars then?

I can think of Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi as my fellow vampire costars because besides being good looking, they are really talented and are all there to experiment with their roles. Think of it, it will be a great combination!

What is your favourite ghost story?

I have been part of a few ghost stories myself. It started out 10 years ago with Raaz 1 and then Rakht, now Raaz 3 and then my forthcoming film Aatma. I don’t have a great memory for a personal favourite ghost story because anything is spooky for me. Raaz 3 though I admit, scared the daylights out of me. My character scared me when I watched her.

There are talks about you doing a Zomcom ?

My aim is to be the Nicole Kidman of India – the kind of roles she does fascinate me. They always have the strong, meaty parts. Like I said earlier, I want to be the scream queen of Indian cinema. Saif Ali Khan was talking of doing a Zomcom and I had said that if they did make a vampire film, they should approach me given my history with horror cinema in the mainstream.

In an earlier interview you mentioned Ghost to be one of your favourite love stories?

I have been a sucker for Ghost and The Love Story. No, I don’t mean the Hindi ones… (laughs). From Hindi films I have always lovedQayamat se Qayamat Tak and Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin. I love moony romantic films.