I don’t consider myself good looking

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says Jacqueline Fernandez who has a luminous presence about her as she walks into the Label 24 lounge in Dubai to present Archana Kochar’s collection. A natural poise, brilliant smile and an easy going attitude marks this stunning actress who will now be seen with Salman Khan in the forthcoming Kick. Manju Ramanan speaks to the stunner who doesn’t consider herself good-looking.


You have bagged a role opposite Salman Khan for Kick. Tell us about it?

It is a dream come true role for me. It is actually a plain Jane role and a romantic journey with a man who is her complete opposite. It is a little more than the girl next door and requires me to be very spontaneous. A far cry from my role in Race 2 that was action packed and glamorous.

You started your career as a journalist. Does that help you answer your questions better?

Not really. It is a whole different ball game when you are on the other side, when you are being questioned.

You started out with a bold role avatara, will you also be seen in roles that don’t require glamour?

Of course. It is important to have that mix if you want to sustain your career.

You are playing a double role in Roy? How different are the characters to each other?

They are 2 completely different people I play in Roy. It’s almost like I’m doing two movies in one!

How do you see the obsession of size and beauty in the Hindi film industry and what do you abide by?

There is a lot of pressure to always look good but I actually don’t consider myself that good-looking so it takes a lot of the pressure off.

You have been raised in Bahrain. How did you take to the Hindi film industry?

Quite easily actually. Even though I had never watched a Hindi film or spoke the language I actually just wanted to have fun and see it as an experience and it became something so much bigger than that.

You come to Dubai pretty often. What are your favourite shopping places?

The Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirates. I go there and spend the entire day just shopping. It is exhausting but I love it.

Did you always want to be an actress in the Hindi film industry?

I always had my eyes set on Hollywood. I never thought I’d be in Bollywood ever. But I love how life has surprised me.

Tell us about your skincare and beauty regime?

My skincare routine is simple. I use a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I exfoliate once a week and use a face oil in my moisturiser when the skin needs some nourishment.

Do you have pets and what are they called?

I don’t keep pets in Mumbai as I live alone and travel a lot but I’ve grown up with 8 dogs 2 cats, fish turtles, rabbits so I don’t think I’ll be able to name them all. Tinkerbell was my first pet though!

What is your fitness routine?

I indulge in a one hour of workout a day. And for three days a week I do weights. The rest of the three days are reserved for yoga.

Are you spiritual as a person?

Yes I am. I pray a lot for strength and I thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon me and all that I have in my life.

How do you as an artist protect your inner space?

I live alone which is great as I get a lot of space but a celebrity’s life is very open and it is difficult to have it any other way. You have to accept that and move on.


What is the weirdest rumour you have heard about yourself?

I find it very amusing when I hear that I have thrown tantrums or been a diva on set. It is funny because someone has made up a story and that’s pure disillusionment!

What are your favourite foods and snacking places in the Middle East?

I love Lebanese food! Hummus falafel tabbouleh are so yum! I always order it when I’m there!

Which is your favourite holiday destination and what do you do on your holiday?

It depends on what mood I am in. Anywhere I’m I choose the things I want to do depending on my mood. In Europe I usually want to shop and enjoy parks and museums. If it is Sri Lanka or Bali, I want to dive and just want to relax on the beach.

Do you cook and can you give us a quick fix recipe?

I love cooking. Something quick fix according to me would be almond milk which I have every day in my cereal or oats. It is easy. Just soak 1 cup almonds overnight and the next day blend it with 4 cups of water. Then strain with a mal mal or cheese cloth and voila enjoy almond milk!