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Tabu wows Rahul Gangwani with her forthrightness and a wicked sense of humour

“People believe I seldom laugh. That’s the perception my roles have created”- Tabu


 “The weather in Kashmir was challenging. It was chilly. The days were short because it was winter. We had to wrap up much in the few hours. We used to reach the set by 7 am. It was difficult to step out in minus 12 degree celsius. At times I couldn’t figure out whether I had said the dialogue or not as my lips and nose were numb.”

She wants to tread on new territory. “I want to do an out and out comedy. Something which people haven’t watched me doing before. I want to work with people who make work fun. Even if I’m doing a serious film, I want it to be an enjoyable experience. When people have a good time working, the energies on the set are also good.”

One perception that has constantly dogged her is that she’s a serious soul who rarely has fun. She smiles as she shares an anecdote. “Years back, I was at a friend’s party and I was cracking jokes and laughing my lungs out. The next day, a friend of mine, texted me saying that people were amused to see me having a good time. They believed I seldom laughed.” She continues, “That’s the perception my roles have created. But your roles have nothing to do with your personality. There are times I laugh hysterically after giving a serious shot. My friends are aware of my sense of humour. I like being with people who have a good sense of humour. I’ll die if I happen to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t possess it. My family is a crazy family. We crack jokes about anything and everything.”