I wanted to take my own course

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…says Arjun Kapoor. Manju Ramanan discovers more..

Arjun Kapoor, brand ambassador for Flying Machine

I have grown up in the industry. I am not a star kid but an industry kid and have always wanted to be part of the Indian film fraternity. I wanted to direct and produce films and even started out that way but here I was getting a platform like YRF and gave acting a shot.  There has been no concrete advice or tip I have received but yes they did say work very hard which I did.

Ask him if being an industry kid work to your advantage?

“To a certain degree yes. My father is a film producer and not an actor so I repeat I am not a star kid but an industry kid. It works to your advantage at times because you have a basic understanding of the art and craft of film-making. One thing is surely there – you are never in awe of anything as compared to an outsider. It is a matter of fact approach that you use. Yes but since your family is a part of it, you are representing a family name and are a part of that name. If my father launched me in my first film and it was a success it would have made a difference. But I wanted to take my own course. Look at Ranveer Singh or Parineeti, who are not star kids. I believe that being an industry kid benefits you minimally”.


What about audiences today?

“Audiences are coming to see good work not just to see films. We should continue to be honest and treat the audiences and respect their intelligence. There is a demand for good scripts and good actors are always in short supply. The heartening thing though is, the world is welcoming new actors. You don’t need to be a star to be accepted always.  You are being accepted for the film and not for who you are. Good work creates a nice sense of evolution in film-making but it is not going to happen overnight. You cannot start a crusade alone. You need a lot of people who believe in creating entertainment but doing something unique at the same time.


How does your experience as an assistant producer and director help you as an actor?

The practical things I have encountered in these two roles have added a perspective to my acting capabilities. For instance, when you reach a film set, you don’t have any doubts. You know the roles of the technicians who are standing around you. Your role is to deliver because your producer has made sure that everything else has been taken care of.  Because you are trained, you know the roles of each and every person who is making it happen for you. You are not surrounded by a sense of awe or wonder and the fact that you are emoting around 200 people. My experience behind the scenes was that I could watch so many actors up, close and personal – be it Salman khan, Anil Kapoor, Govinda, SRK. I could watch different styles of acting and realized that you don’t need to be like anyone of them. They are unique because they are themselves. That way, you learn that you have to be yourself and create your own style.