‘I’m here to stay and will not give up’

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Actress and model Neetu Chandra talks to Filmfare Middle East on acting in films and theatre, enroute rediscovering herself.


She always had an inclination for acting but knew there is no short cut to success. Neetu Chandra completed her post graduation in International Relations to keep the ever-growing competition in acquiring educational degrees with her siblings at bay.

However, Neetu believes by setting her priorities right and giving education the lead before pursuing after her dreams, has helped her nurture her thought processes in doing what she is best at.


“Lack of training and facilities in sports did allow me to further my career,” says Neetu. Nonetheless, she holds two Dan black belts in Taekwondo and represented India in the 1997 World Taekwondo Championships in Hong Kong.

Thus, in spite of having no film connects, Neetu decided to work hard and work into the industry.

Today she has carved her way into Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri and even Greek films.

Infact she has been on a high ever since she joined the cast of the Greek film Home Sweet Home and says the project helped her rediscover herself.

Seen in Hindi films such asTraffic Signal and Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, Neetu says, “I am excited about my Greek project. I have rediscovered myself with the film.”


She points out that she is perhaps the only contemporary artiste who is also performing at theatres. Running into its 22nd show, Neetu made her debut in theatre in 2013 with the play called Umrao, which features her in the title role.

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Neetu is confident of herself. She says, “Being a sportsperson has disciplined and taught me to respect my body. One needs to be beautiful and strong both inside and outside.”

She adds, “I don’t believe in a zero figure and love my well toned self. You need to be comfortable in your skin and this is all that matters.”

Nevertheless she is quick to add that if a role demands she works out to loose those extra pounds that are not required for the role. “I have shed about 14kgs for my upcoming film for which I will begin shoot this month.”

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