Juhi’s happy days

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After ringing in her birthday quietly with her family, the actress is all set to face the camera with two films.

Shah Rukh has just celebrated a Happy New Year and now his friend and business partner Juhi Chawla is getting ready to bring in a Happy Anniversary.

The actress, who was last seen as a scheming politician in Gulaab Gang early this year, will now be playing the main protagonist in writer-director Dinky Mendes’s film of that name.

“I read the script just two days ago. It’s amazing and I’m tentatively on,” says Juhi, who turned 47 yesterday with a quiet day at home with the family.

While she is reluctant to discuss this project, she’s more forthcoming on the other film she has given her nod to–Jayant Leeladhar’s Chalk And Duster, co-starring Shabana Azmi and Anupam Kher.

Juhi came on board a few days ago, even though the makers had sent the script to her through her make-up man Subhash Sinch one-and-a-half months ago.

“I was too busy at the time to look at the script or even the final draft. It was only recently, on a flight from Delhi, that I started reading it and then couldn’t put it down,” recalls the actress, quickly adding that despite the angrezi title, it’s a Hindi film about teachers, the system and the business of education.

‘Chirpy’ Chawla as she was once known, admits that it’s another ‘positive’ role.

“My character is a strong, multi-talented woman ready for any challenge,” she beams, as she packs for a quick trip to Hyderabad to be a part of a Young Person’s Forum.

Meanwhile, her cricket lessons continue thanks to Kolkata Knight Riders. “I hope the boys do well this season,” she says, crossing her fingers.

And so do her music lessons. “If someone asked me to give playback, I’d do it in a shot. I’d shake and shiver but I’d do it,” she says. “May be this year I’ll do something, musically–independent of films.”

Ask for details of her musical career, for now the soon-to-be songstress’ lips are sealed.