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She has been a fitness freak since she was 16. Call it vanity, call it a fitness fetish. But Richa Chaddha has always been involved in some activity – either playing badminton or just going for long walks. As a child, she enjoyed dancing. Now, being an actress, she has pushed the exercise quotient up as she needs to be super fit to appear super fabulous on screen. Here, the down-to-earth actor gives her realistic take on diet and fitness…

Richa chaddha

Richa’s Fitness secrets:

 Everyone has a different body structure. So follow what suits you. My structure is broad so I can never be too thin.

 A lot depends on your diet. If you’re vegetarian, keep a check on whether your diet provides complete nutrition.

 Also, you don’t ave to be a non-vegetarian to be fit. A lot of vegetarians are extremely fit. Lara Dutta and Shahid Kapoor are perfect examples.

 Exercising more will not make you lose more weight. You body may get under stress and could begin storing fat instead.

 Exercising too much can make your face lose moisture. Consequently, your skin will sag.

 Eat your meals on time and see to it that you get adequate sleep.

 If you’ve eaten rice all your life then you don’t need to quit it to lose weight.

 Involve yourself in some physical activity for a healthy body and mind.