Lebanese Movie “BeBe” Soon in Gulf Theaters

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After the success of the Lebanese movie “BeBe”, in Lebanon theaters last week, the movie stars are on their way to Dubai, to attend the opening of the film in UAE theaters. The movie will start showing on Thursday 5th of December which will take place in Grand Cineplex

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“Gulf Film” – the distributors of the movie in UAE & Gulf, has announced dedicating 20 movie theaters in the UAE for the show. “Voice Media House” will organize a press conference with the presence of the director and stars of the movie “Magy Bou Ghosn, Youssef Al khal & Mervia Al Kadi”

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The Drama comedy movie “BeBe”, deals with a lot of humanitarian and social issues. It reflects the life of “Badea Badran” a beautiful lady at the age of 33; she is mentally retarded with a brain dysfunctional that started at the age of 8. She raised with her grandmother “Latifa” who also suffers a mental disorder due to her age. Later on “Latifa” decided to give “Badea” a bag of 1 million dollars to go on with her life. Badea” begins her journey with the bag, being faced with many wanted to abuse her and get hold of the money. During her journey she meet “Ziad”, falls in love with her without knowing her reality, she Also facing the misfortune of having to deal with a brother who is a gambler trying to steal the bag

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The movie directed by Elie Habib & written by Claude Saliba, produced by Eagle Film and Green film in collaboration with the VMP, starring a group of drama stars as Magy Bou Ghosn, Yousef Al Khal, Jesse Abdo, Sultan Depp, Pierre shamesian, Pierre Jmjian, Meriva Al kadi , Saad Al Qadri, Tita Ltifa, Abir Aoun and others.

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