Let the Heart Beat!!

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Dil dhakne doWhat does DDD mean to them? Filmfare ME spoke to Shefali Shah, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, ranger Singh, Anil Kapoor and Ritesh Sidhwani 

Shefali Shah

The film is about finding yourself. Finding what makes you happy. All characters are lost and trying to grope and fight themselves and the unnecessary pressure  to abide by rules. The title is the heart of the film – the heart is meant for beating, let it beat.

Anushka Sharma

The heart always tells you to do the right thing. You start listening to the head too much and things go awry. People will take from the film whatever resonates with them. for me it is simple. If you listen to your heart you ll be happy.

Priyanka Chopra

Live and let live. Just be. Life can throw curve balls at you or it can be an easy ride. Listen to your heart. It is a deep title. When you watch it you’ll know what it means.

Ranveer Singh

It is actually a wonderful philosophy. Sometimes we find ourselves getting pulled into certain  human feelings and then bind ourselves to our self imposed restrictions. The film encourages you to let it be. These restrictions are self imposed. It holds the wonderful philosophy. The film comes from the astute mind -of Zoya Akhtar who understands human complexities and emotions. The title is inspired by the lyrics of her  previous film !

Anil Kapoor

The film is young breezy and romantic and for people who want to go deep to fish out its meaning there is plenty to understand. For the younger audience it is a young breezy musical and it sounds great!

Ritesh Sidhwani 

Let the heart does what it does best. Let it beat.Let it be.Let it do what it wants to do.