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From acting to talent taming to writing for a health column; Mahima Bakshi, actress, model and wellness expert, shares with Yasmeen Maqbool the nuances of wearing so many hats.


Excerpts from the interview:

  • Tell us about your role in the movie ‘Hoilday’.

I got a chance to work with Akshay kumar in Holiday who has been a favourite since my childhood. The icing on the cake was to be directed by Mr Murgadoss who has given a superhit like Gajini in Bollywood, besides his other hits in the south. I play niece of an army officer who gets kidnapped by terrorists in answer to a revenge against the Indian Army. Akshay Kumar comes to the rescue of four other girls and me who are kidnapped. Though my role was not too big but it was special and exciting because I got to work with the best from the industry and I learnt a lot from the entire experience.


  • How has Dubai helped groom you into who Dr Mahima Bakshi is today?

A few years ago, I walked the ramp in Dubai for Pakistani fashion designers and got awarded as ‘Best Face’ in 2010. After I returned to India I received great media attention. Dubai enhanced belief in myself which brought out a better me and helped me get more assignments in India. I aspire to promote health and fitness in Dubai soon. It indeed is beautiful city and one of my favourite holiday destinations.

  • How has been your experience been while talent hunting for Queen of India 2014?

The experience while talent-hunting is enriching. I remember sitting with the other judges while we were hunting beauties for the wild card entry to Miss India 2012. I have gone through a long journey from auditioning for beauty pageants to being one of the judges. Also I totally believe in giving chance to small town girls in India who mostly get over shadowed by models from metropolitan city.

  • What is your plan of action while grooming new bees?


When it comes to meeting aspiring models and actors, I always want to set an example for them to be motivated to not only fulfill their dream but also utilise the platform to do something for the society too. I say by example – I stand for women power and always promote it to let women stand out and fulfill their dreams.


  • You write a health column. We would love to have ten tips for our readers on how to stay healthy in the summer months with Ramadan starting in its peak?

I love to write my health column BEING HEALTHY. Here are some tips for your readers too.

– Exercise plays a very important role in maintaining a strong immunity as the scorching heat of summers can weaken your immune system. Put some yoga aasans like the sun prayer position into your fitness regime.

– Some meditation is very helpful in calming down your mind and body as the heat can drain you out.

– Ensure you take in good amount of vitamin c as it will boost your immune system. It can be found in citrus fruits like oranges, berries, lemon (include them in your meals during suhoor and iftaar)

– Tender coconut water is very healthy for summers as its very rich in all the essential vitamins and helps in preventing dehydration. Also keep an intake of at least 3 litres of fluid per day (especially after iftaar)

– Simple breathing exercises in a well-ventilated cool area will help in maintaining your body temperature internally along with the other measures. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose as long as possible and then breathe out through your mouth with a pursed lip and feel the relaxation while imagining yourself in an area with snowfall.

– Avoid too much spicy food and have as much of fruits and salad as possible (include them at suhoor and iftaar)

– Prunes can be added to your daily diet as it is also rich in essential elements and antioxidants required for good functioning of the body.

-Watermelon juice and strawberry shakes keep you cool while fighting the summer heat.

-Green tea is rich in antioxidants so can be taken with some fresh lemon and mint leaves to keep your body internally cool.

-Most important stay happy and calm to let your self be relaxed while you enjoy good exercises regularly. -Also ensure you take good amount of rest.

  • What are your upcoming ventures our readers can look forward to?

I shall be soon seen sharing the screen with Bipasha Basu in Creature 3D directed by Vikram Bhatt which releases on 22nd August. I am really excited about it as I have done some action sequences in it. My experience while shooting with the team was great and I learnt a lot about how important it is to stay fit and got inspired from Bipasha .

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