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In the midst of IPL controversies and court cases, PREITY ZINTA has found love again! What’s more she even tells KATHIKA KANDPAL that she will for make a great mother!

Priety Zinta

So who are you dating?

I will not reveal that. I don’t like to talk about my relationships because you are still dragging about my last one. I am fed up. So this time I prefer to keep my mouth shut. I am really happy right now.

Has moving to the IPL affected you friendships in the industry?

My relationships are not based on how many times I call my friends and which parties I attend. They are based on caring. Like Salman (Khan) for me is the ultimate, in terms of the person he is and the friend he has been. I’d do anything for him because I respect him and admire him as a human being. I have good equations with actresses too. Aishwarya is a dear friend. But we don’t really speak much, apart from occasional BBM messages. Abhishek is a friend and so is Saif.

Are you looking to settle down?

Why wouldn’t I want to settle down? What’s wrong with me yaar? I’ve always maintained that I want to get married and have kids. But I want to make the right decision.

What kind of mother would you make?

I’d be the best mother on this planet! When you know who you are, when you have seen the world, you can make for an incredible mother. It’s so wonderful that Ash (Aishwarya) is so much into her little girl (Aaradhya) and that she’s a hands-on mom. No one has been a bigger star than her till now. She’s enjoying it. I’m so happy for her. She looks lovely!

What can a man give to a strong and successful woman like you?

Everything! Behind every successful man there’s a woman. Behind every unsuccessful man there are two women. But behind every successful woman there’s a man who’s confident enough to let her succeed and is not trying to compete with her and pull her down. Few guys have the confidence to let you be and not punish you for their shortcomings. The right man adds depth to your life. He’s an emotional anchor and brings a smile to your life.

What would you never tolerate in a relationship?

I would never tolerate violence and abuse!

What are other things, apart from movies and the IPL, that interest you?

I love to sleep, I love travelling, I love reading, I enjoy being lazy once in a while and getting relaxing massages done.