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On the eve of War Chhod Na Yaar, Sharman Joshi speaks to Filmfare Middle East on the biggest war in his life. It was when he was in school and struggling with maths. ” Maths can be a monster if you dont know your fundas well,” says the actor known for his roles in 3 Idiots, Sorry Bhai and Rang De Basanti. ” Since I was a sportsperson, I was more inclined towards the playground rather than being a scholar in class. I was good at everything else but maths.” he says.

But a bad score in a few internal exams got him thinking and he resolved to tame the fear. ” I realised that Maths wasn’t my favourite subject but till the first year of junior college it was compulsory and I had to deal with it. I was generally popular and I didnt want maths to make me unpopular and so for two months I practised it a lot.”

On the day of the exam, my close friend who accompanied me to my classes was apprehensive too. When I came out of the exam hall half an hour before time, he asked me how I fared – in signs, he showed me a thumbs down sign asking me if I would fail and I gave him a double thumbs sing stating I did well.” I had practised so hard that it was cakewalk for me. I scored well.” That was the biggest war of my life that I fought and won too.”