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Maan Singh  (Bandit Queen, 1994)
It was a quiet role and also my debut. There was no greed in me as an actor, no urge to speak. I conveyed everything through my eyes. I was not even aware of the camera.

Bhiku Mahatre   (Satya, 1998)
The underworld character required me to hit different notes at different points. It was difficult to act and yet make the contrasts seem real.

Samar Pratap Singh     (Shool, 1999)
It is one of the best films ever made on cops, almost on the level of Ardha Satya. It was a unidimensional role, of an honest cop. To keep the audience engaged was a difficult task.

Rashid    (Pinjar, 2003)
My character of a rapist-turned-husband had undercurrents of intrigue. Every nuance had to be played out with minute detailing. It was based on Amrita Pritam’s novel. I wanted the revered writer to be proud of me, which she eventually was.

Gajender Singh   (Tevar, 2015)
It’s a pure commercial film and to play the character realistically so that the audience begins relating to it was a difficult task. The transition from a lover boy to an evil man was difficult.