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Says Emraan Hashmi about his role in Hamaari Adhuri Kahaani that is a semi autobiographical account of Mahesh Bhatt’s life. Bhatt who is related to Emraan has written a script after a long time about his parents who the film is based on. Manju Ramanan chats up with the actor.

Are the world’s best love stories incomplete?

Yes that is what they say about love stories. True love never reaches a complete fulfillment and only unfulfilled love can be fully romantic.

You and Vidya have played different kinds of lovers in the three films you have acted together? How was it this time?

In HAK, the relationship between me and her pops up with its own set of hurdles. It is not an ideal relationship and that makes it intense. In The Dirty Picture, there is a scene in the film where I visit Vidya’s home. Milan Luthria the director saw so much intensity in the scene that he felt that we should do a  film together that explored the intense side.

So, when this script came about, it was perfect for us. Ghanchakkar that we did in the middle was more of a married couple with a certain agenda to their lives. Vida and me share a great camaraderie. You can’t work on chemistry. It is either there or not there. It doesn’t come with hours of rehearsals etc. Both of us are comfortable with each other and that shows onscreen.

The film is based on Mahesh Bhatt’s life and you are related to him? Was it any different to enact your own family saga?

Yes, it has been my toughest role so far. The film is semi autobiographical and it has instances from my grand mother’s life. it is more personal to him than to me though I know and enact with a  few characters in the film who are based on real life people I know. I was in school when I met Bhatt saab’s parents. We had to hone up our skills to essay the role. It is a mature role and needs good acting. It wasn’t just yet another role.

Do you find love stories real?

Tragic love stories that have angst, anger, passion, love interest me. I am not into fluffy, candy floss romance. We have all loved and lost and to me that kind of romance is always long lasting. 

Does the love story heighten because it is about forbidden love?

Yes, there is intensity in love like that. The dynamics of the relationship my character has with Vidya’s is very different. It is unique relationship since her husband has not been around and she feels the need to be loved and touched.  In a lot of marriages today, a woman doesn’t feel loved – there is complacency despite the partner being around. To him, the character of Vidya reminds him of his mother.