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Saqib Saleem is loved for his lean and fit body. Suman Sharma learns that this boy-next-door is a gym hound

Saqib Saleem

“My current inspiration is American fitness instructor Jillian Michaels, who has inspired many with her intense 30 minute workouts” – Saqib

Saqib’s Fitness Tips 

  • Work hard. There is no substitute for that
  • Invest in good gym wear. Proper clothing gives a psychological high, which aids a good workout
  • Do not exercise without guidance. It could be dangerous. A good trainer is a must
  • Consuming a protein shake is also a must, of course, with recommendation from your trainer
  • Avoid heavy meals before workout
  • It is essential to give your body rest. Give the gym a miss once a week
  • Go in for a detox once in a while. Once a week subsist on green tea, soup, salad and fruit.