Partho Gupte went on a diet for Hawaa Hawaai

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Not only adult actors but child actors are also very particular about their diet. The 12 year old Partho Gupte who won the National Award for his role as Stanley in Stanley Ka Dabba went off junk food. He was on a strict diet for his role in Hawaa Hawaai for which he had look leaner and active. Partho has been learning skating since he was 6 years old.

Partho says, “At first it was very boring, but I got used to it and started enjoying it soon enough’, says the 12 year old.”

“Keeping a 12 year old off junk food is not easy and that too for such a long time. But the role needed that kind of fitness and the look so he just got all his willpower together. I am so proud as a father that he showed such restraint and discipline! Auto Junk Cut!!” Amole Gupte.