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Let it be said. Sonam Kapoor is fashion. Fashion is Sonam Kapoor. She’s turned Indian fashion on its head and taken divadom abroad. And there ain’t no stylist guiding this girl. She’s the mistress of her own style. Her approach reflects her personality. A woman whose sex-appeal lies in being audacious. Like Marc Jacobs famously said, “There are hints about who you are in what you wear.” Her buoyancy adds zing to anything she gets into. It’s no wonder that young girls lust for her wardrobe and yearn to replicate her adventurous looks. Whether it’s rocking a vintage look on the global carpet or strolling through the city in casual-chic ensembles, when it comes to dressing, she’s definitely a brand above the rest. Here’s why her fashion choices make for compulsive viewing…

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