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BARUN SOBTI, GURMEET CHOUDHARY and ABHINAV SHUKLA have taken the tube by storm with their good looks, acting chops and hypnotic screen presence. And now they endeavor to create the same magic on the big screen…


Barun Sobti



Craziest fan moment…

A girl walked up to me and kissed me when I was in a mall with my wife, Pashmeen (Manchanda).

If a girl asked you to shave off your chest …

I would.

Things you do when going through heartbreak…

I’ve not gone through a heartbreak but it would generally be crying, drinking, listening to sad songs, staying shabby and staring aimlessly into the horizon.



gurmeet choudhary



How important is sex in marriage?

It is the ultimate expression of love.

Are men weak with dates?

Yes. That is why iPhones and smart phones are invented.

Do you remember your anniversary?

Yes I do. I want to enjoy my marriage man.

Marriage ends an actor’s life – true or false?



Abhinav shukla



First crush…

The girl who used to sit besides me in class five.

Your first kiss…

That’s a memory to cherish, not to share.

One actress you want to be with…

Jacqueline Fernandez, she’s adorable.

When men hit on you…

I politely let them know that I am with a girl.

Your take on infidelity…

Infidelity will exist till humans do. I personally refrain from it, not for what my partner will go through but because it only brings trouble.