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Recently, at an award show held out of the country, all hell broke loose. Turns out, the organisers gave Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra the same number to dance to, their hit song, Tune maari entriyaan (Gunday). An aghast Ranveer, who was running high fever, put his foot down. Priyanka, on her part, said she was asked specifically to perform to it. The organisers then pacified Ranveer by saying that PC’s act was just 15 seconds. Turns out, Ms Chopra did the whole song and even invited John Travolta on stage. Ranveer in a huff went up on stage and flailed his arms wildly. Priyanka, sensing the situation, even danced with him to the song. But the fur flew after the performance. Ranveer knew he had been had. He stomped around the arena in disbelief. The professional that he is, he went and completed his act. Later, PC and Ranveer even sorted out the mess. But the actor still can’t get over the rude shock!