Ranveer Singh wooes in style

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Ranveer Singh

He has a natural charm. He tells us how he works it..

Does wooing people come naturally to you?

I have charmed a lot of people and you know what, have been charmed too. You can all this is in equal amounts. A section of them write gossipy things about me but some of them have been really nice. (Smiles shyly ). Your magazine Filmfare has been great to me. You have a lovely team.(Ranveer Singh has appeared on the covers of Filmfare Middle East, twice)

How does your tabla training help you in your career as an actor?

I learnt tabla for 7 years. I would accompany my grandfather to the gurudwara at 5 am everyday. He would play the harmonium there while I played the tabla. I wasn’t any extra-ordinary percussion talent but I enjoyed it a lot and never thought it would help me later in my career. In college when I did a small acting workshop, we were all given a kottu (drum) to play and everybody around was taken aback at the way I played the drum. That I had long flowing hair added to the drama and I hogged a lot of attention. But inside me, it was at that time, years later, I had discovered my passion for percussion.

This training in childhood has helped me immensely when I dance. I am not a trained dancer but I know rhythm from the tabla training and so I can catch the beat well and perform those dance numbers. I love dancing. In fact I love it better than acting.

So you are euphoric when you dance?

Absolutely. There are two types of dancers. One, you watch and say wow, what a dancer and the other, you watch and start dancing. I belong to the latter category. I am not technically gifted but I love dancing and I really enjoy it. Coming back to music, I have a vast music collection. I collect music from all kinds of genres from the world. There is an underground artist called Al Hashishi from the UAE and I really enjoy that music. I surround myself with music all the time. Sometimes before a shot,I surround myself with music and derive my inspiration and cue from the feeling created by the music. I listen to music in the morning in the car, the headphones, the system at home, I have multiple MP3 players too – one of the driving forces of my life.