Saqib bonds with kids

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I am a brother, teacher, father to all kids
In Amole Gupte’s Hawaa Hawaai, Saqib Saleem was the eldest on the sets for the first time while in his prior films he always had senior actors to look up, but this time many child artist were looking up to him for guidance. On the set Saqib was like an elder brother, father and teacher to those kids.
For Saqib it was very different experience all together. at first he was little scared as he had never dealt with kids before, he was worried that kids might reject him but as they spent more time together they started bonding well and those kids acceptance was a sense of relief to him.
Saqib used to bribe those kids with chocolates and chips but later the kids themselves used to make him buy chocolates and chips. Those kids called Saqib as ‘Saqib Bhaiya’