Saqib’s dream comes true

Post 1980 of 2187

Hawa Hawaii

Amole Gupte’s films generally leave the audience teary eyed. Saqib Saleem was one such member of the audience after he watched Stanley Ka Dabba. Ever since Saqib saw the film, he was extremely eager to meet the film maker; so much so that he called up Amole Gupte’s manager to request him for a chance to meet the illustrious director. However, the meeting never happened then.

It was finally in 2011 that Saqib got a call from Mr.Gupte’s new manager offering him a role in the director’s next, titled Hawaa Hawai. Soon after that call Saqib auditioned for the role of a skating coach and was selected. A dream came true for Saqib who not only just met the celebrated film maker but also got the opportunity to work with him.