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creature-poster-2“Yes, I want to be Hindi cinema’s original scream queen. I love horror cinema and the way Vikram Bhatt makes it. He has added a touch of class and panache to the genre. His way of story- telling is unique because it has a good dose of glamour, sex, human emotions and a good story apart from awarding a fresher perspective to scare, spook and fear,” says Bipasha Basu.

Bipasha Basu, who was seen in Raaz and Aatma, has experienced various paranormal experiences earlier. But after acting in Creature 3D she will certainly think twice before doing another movie in the same genre. Bipasha had studied a lot about Brahmarakshas before doing ‘Creature 3D’. She started taking help of the pandit after she began to experience nightmares related to Brahmarakshas. A source close to the actress,says “Bipasha is getting ready to travel south to do a special puja (ritual prayers) to ward off the Brahmarakshas that is haunting her ever since acting in ‘Creature 3D’, in which the creature is a Brahmarakshas.”

The actress visited Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple in Kottayam, Kerala, following the advice of a Hindu scholar . Since Vikram Bhatt bought Brahmarakshas into his film from Kerala, the pandit has asked Bipasha to visit and do the ritual prayer at the place of its origin. Creature 3D, starring Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas, directed by Vikram Bhatt, produced under the banner of T-series, is slated for 12th September 2014 release.