Shahid-Priyanka bond

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Shahid Kapoor was having a laugh with actor Varun Dhawan on the red carpet when former flame, Priyanka Chopra, walked in, glowing in tangerine. They instantly bonded and sat close through the evening. When Shahid bagged the best actor award for Haider, Priyanka went up and kissed him.


Later, when he was called on stage to hand over an award, he teased Kapil Sharma, saying, “I was sitting between ‘hot’ Tabu and Shraddha Kapoor and now I am here.” Tabu who was busy taking a phone call, missed the punchline and looked up quizzically. Priyanka who was sitting in the same row, picked up her phone and posed for the camera as Kapil joked on, saying, “Aapki waali ne bhi phone utha liya hai.”