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Faraz Waqar has made Pakistan’s first ever Silent Film that has been now submitted to the Gandhara Film Festival for 2013 and is also being submitted to other international film festivals abroad.

‘Meeeowww Billi aur World War 3’ is an artistic experiment inspired by the age of silent cinema of the 1920s with a political message on the current situation in Syria & the Middle East.

Faraz Waqar

“When Pakistan came into being in 1947, the talkies or talking films were already the norm worldwide. So Pakistani Cinema never experimented with silent films.”  says Faraz Waqar, the Writer & Director Pakistan’s 1st silent film with the intriguing title of ‘Meeeowww Billi aur World War 3’.  “However one of the earliest silent films released in the sub-continent was ‘Daughters of Today’ which was made in Lahore in 1924 before partition.  By the time of partition in 1947 & the creation of Pakistan, the age of silent films was already over so Pakistan started with a film industry that produced only talkies.  There has been no silent film ever made by the Film Industry in Pakistan after partition.”

Meeoww Billi aur World War 3 (Poster A)