The Mona Lisa of Literature

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Shahid Kapur speaks to Manju Ramanan on playing Hamlet in Haider after playing an action hero in

R.. Rajkumar


Hamlet is considered as enigmatic as Mona Lisa’s smile. Is Haider like that too?

Yes it is. Haider’s character is fashioned on Hamlet who is a difficult guy.  The promos state that the guy is not ordinary and there is something not quite okay about him. This is not a role that happens every day and I feel privileged to have been chosen to do such a tough role.  For most people who have read Hamlet – we don’t really know whether the character of Hamlet really saw his father’s ghost or was it a voice inside his head (read madness) that led him to avenge his father’s death.

In Jab We Met as well as Haider, you share a disturbed relationship with your mother?

Yes but the way the character negotiates that relationship with his mother in Jab We Met is different than the way he deals with it in Haider.

After R… Rajkumar, you ve played Haider. How do you negotiate that space?

An actor has to be open to all kinds of cinema. I trained for 2 hours every day to work my look for R Rajkumar. I hurt myself quite a bit during the shoot of the film and I really look upto action stars. What they go through is not easy.

Most actors are known to launch their sons into films. Your father chose otherwise?

No. He wanted me to make it on my own. Maine aapne ko dhakka maar kar shuru kiya. Now that is done, we worked together in Mausam.

How was it working with your father?

Very strangely and ironically it has been contradictory. There was a sense of insecurity on one hand, because I was working under someone who is far superior in talent and experience and I hope to satisfy what was required of me. Also a great sense of security that he would protect and take care of me.

How did your father like the film?

He liked it. ( Smiles)