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The Rope Trick .. The only game I could play in school was the tug of war. I was heavily overweight and it was me against the rest of them when we competed. Needless to say who won and why… laughs Karan Johar. Manju Ramanan speaks to him

Dubai and the UAE is. ..Not just geographically close to India, it is very close to the Indian film industry.  Each small news item or snippet about Hindi cinema that I have read from here has been encouraging and supportive of Hindi cinema. I will always remember how My Name is Khan was so well received here. Success and failure, hit or flop is not in anyone’s control. We go wrong, we go right; the aim is to make good films.

Love Stories and Me … I am kind of done with love stories and have to tap my inner self to see if there is any love left in me ( smiles)  There is a cryptic sense – that is just about you alone and the darkness within, the grey shades came out with Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Since this film is a youth endeavor and I can still derive out of the emotion I felt when I was 18-20 years of age and  emulate it in film. Today if I have to go and make a love story with grown ups, with a white emotion and avoid the grey, I have to think.