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While her rivals pretend to be immersed in work and throw the ‘I’ve-no-time-for-relationships’ stance, Parineeti has no qualms in saying that she’s pining to get into a relationship. She also believes that karma is going to bite her for breaking hearts in the past. That doesn’t deter her from being open to love


Your chemistry with Ranveer Singh in Kill/Dil was explosive. What kind of a relationship you share with him?

I used to do the PR for Ranveer Singh during Band Baaja Baarat. Now I’m his leading lady. We get along like
a house on fire because we are both energetic. We have a loud laugh. He’s one of the most affectionate people I’ve met. He just showers you with love. Shaad Ali kept telling us to chill. Plus, there was Govinda too. It was hilarious. Ranveer and I both would enter the set with a bang. Here, I’ve learnt one thing – people love you for the same thing they hate you for. If you like my energy, others will be like what the hell is this. Ranveer is the most misunderstood guy. He’s not loud all the time. In fact, he’s sensitive and emotional.


Apart from Ranveer, which other co-star you enjoyed working with?

My favourite would be Aditya Roy Kapur. I related the most with him. He’s real and down to earth. We share a good sense of humour. I’m extremely close to Arjun Kapoor because we started our career together. Siddharth Malhotra and I are close too.


Will you date anyone from the industry?

Yeah sure. Why not?

Okay, so what’s your idea of romance?

It’s not clichéd. I don’t like to be taken out for dinner. I don’t like to dress up and go out on dates. Honestly, I like to be at home. Watch TV or movies, order food… just cute things. I don’t believe in casual dating. I’ve been in relationships but they were serious, long term ones. Where I thought I’d marry the guy. I don’t have one night stands. It’s not about principles. It’s just that I can’t be with a person if I’m not romantically attracted to him. And I don’t  get attracted so easily.