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Frank and alluring as ever, Priyanka Chopra makes some sensational claims. Rachit Gupta discovers a real woman of substance

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Is the new hair cut a sign of new beginnings?
(Laughs) You think it’s a sign of mid-life crisis? I’m always looking forward to bigger, better and positive things in life. As for the hair, for the first time in my professional life, I didn’t have to maintain continuity for my characters. I had time off. So I decided to cut my hair. I guess that’s the reason why most girls in films end up cutting their hair. When they don’t have to play their characters for extended periods. I’m off to Los Angeles. I have two and half months between two schedules of Bajirao Mastani. I just wanted something different badly.


Is the ‘me’ time too hard to come by?

I’m never alone. I’m always surrounded by so many people. The only time I get for myself is in my bed. Otherwise, I’m constantly around other people. I get my next day’s schedule every night and every single hour of my day is accounted for.

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Is there anything in the world that’s eluded you so far?

Nothing of consequence. I’m blessed. If I’ve really wanted something it has always found a way to come into my life. And if I don’t want it, it even finds a way out. Having said that, my dream home has eluded me for three years now. Haven’t found it yet.


So you trust life to sort itself out?

I trust my job. That’s the only thing I trust in my life. My work has stood by me like a rock. Whatever ups and down may have happened in my personal life, my career has never faltered. So many times people have told me, ‘Priyanka, it’s over’. I believe people should get over saying that. It’s never over. Life can be whatever you want it to be. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what I find inspiring. That’s where I draw my strength from. I’m not religious or spiritual like that. I don’t meditate; I fall asleep when I try to. But I do believe in karma. When you work for something that’s when you are closest to God.