What Sonakshi Sinha loves about Prabhu Deva ?

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She’s worked with Prabhu Deva and digs his style of dancing. Here she spills the beans about Bullet Raja

The part I love the most about Prabhu sir’s films, the dancing that he makes us do. He’s made a person like Akshay dance, who absolutely loathes it, and the kind of steps we did in Rowdy Rathore. He made Shahid dance differently in Rambo Rajkumar where had to unlearn all his Jazz dancing and go into that typical South Indian Prabhu Deva style.

FFME     What about Bullet Raja.?

SS: Bullet Raja, yeah we’re almost complete.

FFME: We’ve just seen the first clip that was published.

SS: Yeah?

FFME: In Filmfare.

SS: Oh yeah, on the set that was not really first look, that was us working, doing our stuff. Fun film to work on.

FFME: And working with Saif, completely different character, he’s also playing a different character.

SS: Yeah he’s very witty, always fun on the set, always cracking some joke at somebody’s expense, which is really fun to have that, you know serious working environment, to have someone break the ice. It was quite a fun experience.