When will Cupid strike?

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The divorce of Sandeep Toshniwal, the new man in Karisma’s life, is not coming through any time soon.

Karisma Kapoor has not been lucky in matters of the heart. She married businessman Sunjay Kapur in 2003, but is now going through a divorce. And even though she has managed to find love the second time in Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO of a pharmaceutical company, it seems fate is again set to play spoilsport.

Sandeep, who is married to Ashrita, a dentist by profession, and has two daughters with her, aged eight and five, has filed for a divorce. And rumours were doing the rounds that he is keen on tying the knot with Karisma as soon as their respective marriages are annulled. However, it seems that will have to wait.

Although Karisma’s divorce is on its way, it will not be easy for Sandeep to get out of his marriage as his wife has refused to sign the papers over alimony issues.

Ashrita has demanded a security amount of Rs 2 crore for each child and Rs 1 crore for herself and justifying her claim, her lawyer Manjula Rao said: “My client is not doing well in her dentistry. She is busy playing single parent to the two kids. Her elder daughter has not been keeping well. Add this to the fact that she is busy running to courts. Hence, her demand is reasonable.”

On the other hand, Touban Irani, who is representing Sandeep, said: “Ashrita is doing well professionally. As per the law, if both parents are earning sufficiently, they should share the financial responsibility of the kids.”

Sandeep married Ashrita in 2003. All was hunky-dory till Ashrita suspected him of infidelity. Said Manjula, “Sandeep was not loyal to her and we have proof of that. Although Ashrita tried her best to save the marriage, Sandeep filed for divorce. He had even fixed CCTV cameras in the house and removed the latches from rooms so that she couldn’t lock the doors from inside.”

Irani claimed that Sandeep is not dating Karisma. “They are just friends. And he was never having any extramartial affair,” he said.

While her ex-husband Sunjay has been in a relationship with Delhi socialite Priya Sachdev (who was earlier married to hotelier Vikram Chatwal) since 2011, Karisma has been dating Sandeep since nearly two years.

A source close to Karisma says, “Karisma deserves some happiness now. Unfortunately, Sandeep’s divorce proceedings are stuck and showing no sign of ending.”